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Exterior Snow & Sun shade Fits HYUNDAI Genesis 2017-2020 G80

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Part Number:HI-44S
Features and Benefits
  • This shade was designed to protect the windshield from snow and ice during winter storms in order to prevent the need to deice the windshield with deicer or ice scraper. 
  • However, a lot of our customers like to use it in the summer too as an exterior sunshade so this shade will work all year to protect your vehicle from snow, ice and summer heat.
  • The biggest benefit of the exterior application is that it can block the entire windshield because there is no need for openings due to rear view mirror, rains sensors, cameras etc.
  • Shade comes with bag and secures with interior strap and with wings on both sides that are trapped inside car.
Important Details
  • Please allow up to ten days for delivery. We make each shade as order comes in so it takes a little longer to ship. In some cases the shade will be delivered much faster but please allow ten full days before contacting us

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