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Bubble Roll-up Sunshade Fits Chrysler 300M 1999-2004

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Features and Benefits
  • The Bubble Auto Shade is a roll-up sunshade with multiple layers of protection but available at an economy price
  • Shade is similar to the classic shade but it is thinner and has a bubble pattern
  • Easy to stow by rolling up and secure with attached strap, this sunshade will reduce the inside temperature of your parked car by up to 40 degrees. 
  • The Bubble Shade by Intro-tech is custom made to each vehicle application so it fits your windshield way better than universal fit sunshades and blocks up to 99% of the sunshine coming thru your car windshield. 
  • This shade is held in place by folding the car sun visors down which secures the shade between the windshield and the visors.
  • Shades have a cut-out for rear view mirrors and sensors such as factory installed rain sensors or cameras. 
  • As with all Intro-tech sun shades this shade has a Lifetime Warranty against defect.
Important Details

IMPORTANT! Each shade is custom made to order so please allow up to TEN DAYS for delivery. In some cases you will get it much faster but please allow TEN DAYS before contacting us.

IMPORTANT! Shade may not block 100% of the sun as some clearance has to be allowed for the mirror and /or other obstructions such as rain sensors, cameras etc.

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